Today is a day set aside to honor the American worker by grillin', chillin' and beer swillin'.  It also brings props from the government and some encouraging job figures.

Today is Labor Day, a day set aside back in 1882 to celebrate the American worker by letting them "not" work. (There are several businesses all over the Borderland that I frequent whose employees seem to celebrate EVERY day by not working.) Today though is supposed to be a chill, stay home and do nothing day. Nothing except bbq, have a few drinks and relax with friends and family anyway.

Here is the official statement to American workers .. with a little good news ... from the US Department of Labor:


“Today we celebrate and thank the workers of America, whose hard work, determination, and ingenuity have built and sustain our amazing country.

“This has been a year of extraordinary challenges for American workers, and a year of extraordinary achievements, as workers in our hospitals, farms, plants, and factories have supported one another and the nation.

“Last Friday’s jobs report reflected some of the fruits of those efforts, with 1.4 million jobs added to the economy and the unemployment rate dropping to 8.4 percent.  -

What began as a celebration of the American worker now seems to have become a celebration of bbq's, beer, and furniture sales ... especially mattresses for some reason. Whatever you do today - work, party or shop - cheers to all my fellow workers!!

Enjoy the day and the re-'worked' version of Working Man above. It's from me to you, one "essential" to another!!

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