Urban Outfitters is known for their sometimes ridiculously overpriced hipster clothing and a lot of people are scratching their heads at this overpriced military garb. Urban Outfitters is more than just a retail store. It's a place where you go to spend an insane amount of money on items that really should (and usually are) for sale in the discount bin at your local Dollar General. There are entire articles making fun of their overpriced merchandise and things that normally you wouldn't even give a second look to at another store. But for some reason, Urban Outfitters can and will sell you a disposable camera for $15. For reference, you can buy TWO disposable cameras for the same price at Walmart.

Their latest WTF item for sale on their website is making a lot of military folks talk, especially those in the Navy. Behold, their "Vintage US Navy available now on their website. While you can get authentic Navy overalls at a military surplus store for only $40, Urban Outfitters has the audacity to sell these bad boys for a whopping $120. The clothing item already has about 20 negative reviews of people slamming the retailer for selling the item.

Read more about the uproar over this item at the Military Times website.

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