A scene that director Brett Morgen cut from the final version of his acclaimed film Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck has surfaced. In the never-before-seen clip, filmed by Courtney Love, Cobain is laid up in bed and discusses his day spent at the hospital getting tests done on his stomach ailment. Watch the unsettling video in the player above.

In the clip -- which was provided to Opie Radio by Morgen himself and slated to be the final scene in the documentary -- Cobain lays in bed with a plate of food and puke bucket near his head. Love records the enigmatic singer, who sardonically describes his stomach issues and jokes about his heroin use. The Nirvana frontman quips that the bucket is his “after dinner meal, It’s dessert.” Love then takes the camera and closely examines the bucket, which contains Cobain’s vomit, thankfully the contents of the bucket are hard to see in the clip.

Cobain then describes his experience at the hospital, “Earlier this morning until 6 o’clock, I was sedated, in the arm.” Love responded, “You must have liked that! We all know about your little problem!” Cobain then sneers, “Oh, Needles, needles, keep em’ coming!” He explains, “I had this really long tube with fiber optic camera lens things, shoved down my throat, and I remember waking up, and I pushed the nurse (jokingly gags).” Love interjects, “What did they say?” Cobain continues, “Kurt, Kurt, it’s okay (joking gags). My throat was ripped open, and I’m sore, and I can’t swallow. They gave me ampicillin.”

Cobain then mentions his stomach condition, saying, “And I have parasites, and butt worms, and all kinds of little Kurt diseases.”

Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck returns to select theaters on Friday. Check your local listings.

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