Anyone visiting El Paso needs to be prepared for people to recommend Chico's Tacos to them. You don't necessarily have to eat it. But someone will at least recommend it for you on your trip to El Paso.

Apparently someone on Reddit is NOT a fan of Chico's. This isn't the first time I've heard someone bash Chico's, but it certainly got people talking over on Reddit. User bevlas02 posted:

Chicos Tacos is overrated, I'm not hating on you if you like it. If you like Chicos I'm happy for you but I find myself not enjoying it and I simply want to know if more people share my opinion. The food is just okay, not great. They don't take debit/credit cards. No free refills, they charge extra if you get your drinks with no ice. The fries are just terrible. Wait times usually long. Seating isn't the most comfortable ever tbh. Also if I crave Chicos Tacos tacos, I found another restaurant selling very similar style tacos, that not only taste better but are also cheaper, and faster at providing my food. In conclusion the place is so dated, they are somewhat cheap and the food is not good enough to save them. I hope I didn't offend anyone just wanted to share this. Good day fellow El Pasoans!

Anyone else read this and wonder what restaurant they're talking about that has "very similar tacos, that not only taste better but are also cheaper, and faster." Well, the poster answers this questions as someone directly asked them. The answer is... Fast Lane on North loop.

People chime in with their opinions on Chico's Tacos and it's a pretty good mix of people who enjoy Chico's and those that don't. Someone even mentions that this actually isn't that unpopular of an opinion and that Chico's hasn't been good for about 15 years.

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