Is it just an old wives' tale, or is there something scientifically correct that Texas Sage can predict when it will rain?

The Texas Sage Bush is complete with brilliant color, the ability to withstand wide temperature swings, and can adapt to any soil type which makes it the perfect bush to live in Texas.

But can it really predict rain? The Texas Sage is also called a barometer bush because of its sensitivity to changes in humidity.

It does explode in lavender blooms a few days before it rains, but the blooms also show up after it rains also, so what's up with that?

When the humidity increases, usually when a low-pressure system sweeps in causing clouds and moisture, the plant will not lose as much water from its leaves which means more water for the plant to produce blooms.

Now whether the Purple Sage bush blooms before or after it rains depends on other things going on.

If a low-pressure system moves in quickly, the bush does not have time to store water before it rains, but once it stores up the moisture to bloom, the rain may have moved on.

The plant will also produce blooms when there is a rise in humidity over several days which allows the bush to store water and bloom.

But with the weather in West Texas usually making the humidity rise for a couple of days before it rains, that is what makes Texas Sage, or Purple Sage, able to predict rain to natives of Texas.




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