With all the arguing that goes on about the El Paso Ballpark, why not argue about something fun? When is someone going to bring up the food that will be served during games? I want to be the first to pitch an idea to make a unique item that the El Paso Chihuahuas will be famous for and I want your help!

I have blogged other videos featuring Epic Meal Time but this is probably one of my favorites. The creativity these guys have when putting together epic meals, is phenomenal! El Paso needs to bring out their creativity and come up with something to contribute to the team everyone loves to hate.

We might have not had a say in the creation of the ballpark and the cries of hatred for the team name were pushed aside, but why not try to get an awesome food item on the ballpark menu?

The guys at Epic Meal Time, came up with this "Ballpark Pizza" which looks like a delicious heart attack. They created this pizza by using almost every food item you can find in a typical ballpark as toppings and wrapped corn dogs to create a stuffed crust.

Check out the video and think of how you would put an El Paso spin on this creation. My idea would be something like this pizza but we using Chico's Tacos for the stuffed crust and put Whataburgers and asadero cheese as the final toppings. We could also build a tower of tacos and have a sauce fountain! What would you want to eat at during the El Paso Chihuahua games?