Make your Christmas a little more merry with some metal! Ugly Christmas sweaters are making a huge comeback this season especially in the music industry. You won't be embarrassed to show up with one of these sweaters on but you might offend your family.

There are tons of bands coming out with their own versions of ugly Christmas sweaters. Feel free to look up your favorite band and see what other great holiday deals you can get right now. Anthrax even has a special holiday bundle with ornaments but no sweaters. Don't worry, there are still plenty of other bands with some awesome sweaters like the ones below!

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    Be the biggest Metallica fan with this Master Holiday sweater! You can own this sweet ugly sweater for only $74.99. Probably one of the the ugliest sweaters on this list but such a great band!
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    Five Finger Death Punch

    All you knuckleheads can show your Five Finger Death Punch pride at any holiday party! Put this sweater on your Christmas list because Santa will be bringing the goods for only $60.
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    Queens of the Stone Age

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    Halestorm is my favorite band so of course this is my favorite sweater. This clever band has been using "Hale-idays" for years during the holiday seasons so it was about time they made some merch will this awesome saying. I will be rocking this sweater all year long but my mom will hate it because it drops a F- bomb right across my belly! Available online for $35.
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    For only $25 you can own a nice sweater from the pioneers of the djent movement in progressive metal. This sweater is nice for any event and won't make your grandma cry like the rest of the sweaters coming up on this list.
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    This sweater is almost as gorgeous as Otep Shamaya. An evil Frosty the Snowman devouring people is what Christmas is all about! You can own this sweater for only $39.99, which is an extremely good deal.
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    Dying Fetus

    This incredibly shocking Christmas sweater by American death metal band Dying Fetus has either sold out of this sweater or had someone complain about the design because this sweater is no longer available. If you really want this sweater, I would try to e-mail the web store and see if more will be made.
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    If a couple of humping Reindeer isn't enough for you, go on and buy deathcore band Attila's Christmas sweater. You can show off this giant image of humping reindeer at your office party and not have anyone question if you are into bestiality.
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    These sweater is probably on of the best looking sweaters and shows off the sick looking hell-boar from Motorhead.