After so many complaints about the light display at Shawver Park, I would like to share a video on what a light display should look like. Fred Loya's is still the best here in El Paso but it's missing some Slayer!

Christmas light wizard, Slayerbob has created awesome heavy metal Christmas light shows over the past years. He was thinking of using some new rock for his 2013 display but decided to set up a show to the music of Slayer one last time, in honor of the late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman.

Slayerbob describes his display as an "absolute nightmare" to put together and that his wife hates him now. I would be a proud wife and brag to all my friends about having a Santa and elf jamming out right outside my house.

You have got to check out this house in all it's glory as the lights mesmerize you and the music rocks you! He set's the show to sync up with a medley of Slayer songs such as, ‘Hell Awaits,’ ‘Angel of Death,’ ‘War Ensemble,’ ‘Raining Blood’ and ‘New Faith.’

We should ask Slayerbob if he would donate these lights to Shawver Park.



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