Seems like Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy are taking forever to start. We all have our tv show routine we go through every year, at least Dubba G and I do. (Luckily we like 'most' of the same shows.) We have Dexter (which unfortunately is the last season) and TrueBlood and recently just added two more to the list Ray Donovan and The Bridge. (If you haven't checked out The Bridge, you should, apart from it being an awesome show ... it is based here in El Paso ... that and it also has Demian Bichir in it. Awesome actor!) Now, there are a few shows we can't wait till the new season starts. Considering they ended in such suspense ... we are also hooked! These are some of the shows we are impatiently waiting for:


Sons of Anarchy


Its Season 6 premieres on September. This show is getting more intense and from what I have read so far Creator Kurt Sutter stated that this upcoming season will be darker. In case you missed the season finale, Tara ends up getting arrested. Here is what Maggie Siff(Tara) had to say about the next season:

None of us feel safe. Everybody on this show is like, oh god. What's gonna happen? He's definitely not afraid to have terrible things happen to the people who are involved in the club (about Sutter). That's one of the consequences of the life, and I think he's really trying to pull the curtain back on that."

Well, Sons of Anarchy's season premiere is set for September 2013 and rumors are that the last season will be Season Seven.


Full Throttle Saloon


It always fun and exciting to see what Jesse James Dupree will be doing as a stunt to one up last years. Last season consisted of Owner Michael Ballard being offered $1 Mil from a Nicole Clawson. (All turned out to be a fraud.) Well, by the end of the season, she disappeared. Turns out she was wanted and was finally caught during her last scam as a terminally ill cancer patient. Read more here. Another thing I'll be looking forward to is how things will be now that Michael Ballard and Angie Carlson are married. Well, that and of course the gorgeous Flaunt girls and Angie's new group the Bartender Rockstars. :P


The Walking Dead (Of course!!)


Season 4 is set to premiere October 2013. (Three months away) This show has been incredible. Though, Glenn and I kinda doubted it at first, we were hooked by the first episode and saw the whole first season in one shot. Now that things went the way they did and the Governor out there, things are going to get interesting ... and of course, Daryl. (I can't wait!!) Oh, and in case you didn't know yet, the world premiere of the Walking Dead Season 4 trailer will be this Friday!


So there you have it, our upcoming shows list (for now). Though, for me you also have to add the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team show. I just love that show!! C'mon, sexy Cheerleaders, dancing and Cowboys fans?! Sweet!!


So ... what shows are you looking forward to?