There are some moments in your lifetime that stick out and you remember very vividly. There are a few that I have from a trip Papa Roach took to Oregon while I was working for a rock station in Eugene.

The story really starts off with me picking up Jacoby and Jerry at the hotel to bring them to the station for an interview. It just so happens that earlier that morning, the news had broke that Head had left Korn. Well, I mentioned it on the way to the station and they were both shocked. They hadn't gotten the news yet.

Fast forward to later that night. Papa Roach has put on a great show (as they always do), and myself and a few people from the station are waiting to hear back from one of the reps about getting back stage. As we're hovering around the parking lot one of the security guards comes up and asks us what we're doing. After we tell him, he then proceeds to tell us that the badges we have, in fact, are backstage passes.

So we make our way backstage. As we're walking through, we notice the tour manager walking around with packages of new tube socks. This stuck out enough to us that we brought it up to our boss the next day. He told us that it's easier to buy new packs of tube socks, wear a pair one time and then throw them out, rather than having to constantly do laundry for clean socks. So of course, this lead to the term "rocks like tube socks".

After we made our way back stage, we ended up in a room with table that had the food, a bottle of wine and a cooler of beer. We were told to help ourselves to the beer, but we were not allowed to touch the bottle of wine.

So we grab a beer, start chatting up some of the other people backstage. Before we know it, I make my way to the cooler and notice that all the beer is gone. I go back to my friends and mention this to them. One of them immediately blurts out, "Do you think we could drink that bottle of wine before anyone notices?" Thankfully he didn't say that very loud, and before we could even respond, the owner of this bottle of wine (former drummer Dave Buckner) walks in and starts drinking it.

At this point, it's already after 2am, and you can't buy beer anymore in the state of Oregon. So we're trying to figure out how we can replace the beer we drank. Before we come to a solution, we here from the corner "Who drank all the beer?!" It was one of the band members I won't name. And as they look up, they see us standing there, beers in hand, with multiple empties behind us. All we could muster up was a series mumbles and a quiet "You guys were great tonight", as we slink away building up speed closer to the exit.

And that's how we ended the night.


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