Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman is coming to an El Paso bar near you!

The former Fox Sports analyst will be making three stops in El Paso on Monday, June 20th. First up: Bikini Joe's at 7942 Gateway East Blvd. at 4 P.M.

Then, he'll head on over to Headquarters Bar at 2910 Tularosa Ave. at 5 P.M.

And his final stop will be at 6 p.m. at Union Drafthouse Sunland at 730 Sunland Park Drive.

The three time Super Bowl Champion will be promoting his own brand of beer, Eight (get it, because it was his jersey number?).

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It is a bit time restrained, he'll only have about an hour at each bar, so one can assume that there will be no autograph signings. But I'm sur that won't stop the fans from coming out and having the chance to drink a beer in the same room as Troy Aikman!

In a world where it seems like every celebrity has their own line of alcohol; wine, beer and tequila- it's not at all surprising to see that this champ has his own line of beer as well.

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The beer, Eight, is described as low-cal and low-carb; Eight has 90 calories, 2.6 grams of carbohydrates, and a 4% ABV. The all-malt lager is also made with organic grains, and without sugars or fillers- which seems like the perfect choice for an athlete, right?

Many El Pasoans love the Cowboys, and before the season starts, wouldn't it be great to kind of get some good luck going and see an actual Dallas Cowboy in person? This could be the season that the Cowboys go to the Super Bowl and it could be because you went and got beer from an actual Super Bowl winning Dallas Cowboy!

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