If you're from El Paso and you're planning on a trip up to Ruidoso, here is some solid advice for you. Don't fill up with gas in Ruidoso. If you can, get down the mountain and fill up in Alamogordo. If you can make it all the way to Alamogordo, try to fill up just enough to get you there.

Why do this? Because you'll end up saving a pretty big chunk of money. We were up in Ruidoso this past weekend and we hit up the Starbucks as we were heading out. My plan was to get Starbucks and then fill up on gas. Well, the lady working at Starbucks gave me some advice. Don't fill up in Ruidoso. If you can, wait until you get to Alamogordo because you'll be saving almost 40 cents a gallon.

Thankfully I had enough gas to get me to Alamogordo and she was right... almost. It wasn't quite 40 cents a gallon, but it was still some pretty significant savings. Gas was going for about $2.99 a gallon, up in Ruidoso. When we stopped in Alamogordo, gas was about $2.75. So it wasn't quite 40 cents a gallon, but it was still almost 25 cents cheaper.

According to the lady working at Starbucks, the gas prices being so high up in Ruidoso is causing the residents of Ruidoso to make the trip down to Alamogordo to fill up on gas. Of course, it does seem a bit ironic that I spent a lot of gas sitting in the line of the drive thru at that Starbucks because the lobby is closed, so EVERYONE is going through the drive thru. Seriously, those poor folks working at that Starbucks were busting their butts to get everyone through as fast as they can.

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