Happy Burrito Day, everyone! Did you know that the term “burrito” was reportedly coined in Juarez? According to an oft-repeated story, a man named Juan Mendez used to sell food wrapped in flour tortillas to keep it warm and he would use a small donkey, or “burrito”, to transport himself and his food. Locals began to refer to Juan’s food as “food of the little donkey” or “burritos”.

Is this story true? Who knows? Are any of the following factoids true?

100% Unverified Facts About Burritos:

  • Burritos consist of tortilla, meat, cheese and sometimes at Chipotle, e-coli.
  • Burritos were first served in the U.S. in the predominately Latino part of El Paso known as “El Paso”.
  • You just know Trump eats them with a knife and fork and covered in ketchup.
  • They are definitely NOT the best option if you are quarantined in a house with 6 family members and only one bathroom.
  • “Burrito” means “little donkey” in Spanish. Let me use it in a sentence: in Tijuana you can pay to watch naked women perform with burritos.

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