Local comedian and hot nut-eater, Nico Adjemian, was in an “altered state of consciousness” over the weekend and he burned not one but TWO Costco pepperoni pizzas beyond recognition…on back to back nights! He burned the first one on Friday. On Saturday, he even jokingly said, “I’m kind of nervous (drinking and “smoking”). I’ve GOT to remember to take THIS pizza out in 16 minutes."

Here’s the result:

And, here are the top comments from people who reacted to the initial video:

  • Danny wrote, “Nico looks soooo distraught” + 3 laughing-so-hard-crying emojis.
  • Joe’s advice? “Tell Nico to stick to pizza bites and put them in the microwave so he doesn’t burn your s*** down lol.” + pizza emoji.
  • Tristan suggests, “Start a GoFundMe to send Nico to cooking school. Maybe they’ll start off with operating a toaster and go from there.”
  • Alejandro had a historical comparison: “That pizza looks like a medieval shield.”
  • T.J. at first said, “Don’t start smoking until AFTER the pizza’s done.” Then, he followed up with, “I typed this before I read the story. Not surprised to see I wasn’t wrong in my assumption.”
  • Susie was more concerned than amused. “Nico, this made me sad. Get it together kiddo. You are better than this.”
  • Joanne’s comment included medical advice. “This is what happens when you skip you’re A.D.D. meds” (The fact that Nico responded with a “heart” emoji suggests Joanne might be on to something).
  • And, Armando created a meme. A brilliant, brilliant meme:
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