Tool ... member ... get it??

Ok.  Sorry.  I couldn't resist a quick Beavis and Buttthead moment there.

A member (huh huh huh) of the band Tool was injured in a scooter crash.  The band however won't say which one it was.

(Yeah if I proved myself incapable of handing a Vespa; I wouldn't want my friends telling anyone about it either.)

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The injuries were apparently serious enough (from wrecking a scooter?) to stall Tools recording process quite a bit.  They're back at it now though and hope to release more details about their new material by the end of the week.

A second Tool associate was also recently hurt on a scooter. (I say at least one of these guys was Maynard. Geniuses tend to be clumsy. Plus he's overworked ... he's in around half a dozen bands now right?)

Two's enough though guys .... stick to cars and tour buses ok??

And stay sober!