Many years ago there was a bar that existed that tons of social drinkers enjoyed going especially for the toys. The bar that doesn't exist anymore should ring a bell was located on the Westside of El Paso.

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The bar I am talking about is Pop's Cantina which used to be directly across from Erin's Bar. When you would be out at Pop's Cantina you would see some dudes in line to play with a certain machine.

The particular mechanism has been at what was called Mini Bar off Cincinnati years ago. But it was the punching bag that showed you how hard you could hit.

After hitting the little red device, it would give you a score that would judge how hard you hit. My friend Cassandra Dorame shared a video of a mutual friend Jessie Sosa taking his turn on it.

via Cassandra Dorame Facebook
via Cassandra Dorame Facebook

When you watch from beginning to end you will see Jessie Sosa's hit was about 809. But there is a number below that shows 844 which I believe was the hardest-hitting record there.

I remember when I would be hanging out with some friends of mine who enjoyed that mechanism. Of course, the dudes in our group would love trying to see who hit the hardest of them all.

I want to know if you ever tried your shot at the machine to see how hard you hit. We all have one or some of those types of macho friends who are curious about their type of punch. Share your two cents on whether or not you have taken your turn on the punching machine below.

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