Is this what we're doing now? Rebooting movie franchises from the '90s that were only so-so to begin with? 

The answer, according to Universal, is apparently "yes."

As I was watching The Walking Dead this week I took notice of one of the commercials. Since I DVR Walking Dead and zap through the commercials it is HIGHLY unusual that any commercial would catch my attention. 

Well, this one had Tom Cruise in it, it was two minutes long and it looked like a preview for a new Mission Impossible installment mashed up with scenes of the witch-chick from Suicide Squad

It was actually for The Mummywhich we're promised will be in theaters "in summer."

I'm so confused by this. Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe are remaking a Brendan Fraser movie from the nineties that was only "okay, I guess" at best. What next? Is Daniel Day-Lewis going to star in the remake of Encino Man?

Maybe Michael Fassbender in a gritty new take on Airheads?!? 

By the way, the film's publicity makes it clear that this actually is actually a reboot of Fraser Mummy.  It's the first installment in the Universal Monsters "shared universe". It's already out that Javier Bardem is going to play Frankenstein's monster and Johnny Depp will be The Invisible Man. I have no idea who they're going to get to play Abbott and Costello, though. 

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