It was 41 years ago today that Hank Aaron hit the final home run of his career. A record 755 home runs in his 22 year long career. You can see video of the final home run HERE.

As much as Hammerin' Hank is known for owning the home run record and being the real home run king, he had a solid all around game. Here are some numbers on Hank Aaron.

  • He was a career .305 hitter
  • He collected 3.771 hits, 1,477 of which were extra base hits
  • He was the NL MVP in 1957
  • He had 2.297 runs batted in
  • He got 6,856 total bases

Another interesting fact about Hank Aaron is he had seven siblings and his brother, Tommie, also played Major League Baseball. When Hank retired, they had the record for most home runs combined by siblings. You can guess who was carrying the weight in that stat. The total was 768 home runs, 755 of which were Hank's, 13 for Tommie.

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