If you're an avid listener of the show then you know that I'm basically the Netflix queen. I recently binge watched "The Haunting of Hill House" which I cannot stop recommending to everyone! This month is also filled with a bunch of new releases that are sure to get you in that spooky feeling just in time for Halloween! Netflix seems to have it all, sometimes it seems like there's too much to watch and you end up feeling overwhelmed with all the choices that you can't decide so instead you end up watching "The Office" for the millionth time. Just an example.

Well, thanks to Lisa, today I learned that if Netflix doesn't have something you like, you can request it! It's a request page that isn't available on your library but is real simple to access, all you have to do is type in help.netflix.com/en/titlerequest and add in your suggestion! As you can see, Lisa and I had some very important titles we really want on Netflix:


Now, while you may request it, it doesn't always mean Netflix will acquire it. After you submit it, Netflix lets you know reasons on why they won't have a certain title on the platform like licensing issues and cost. Either way, the fact that Netflix even has a request page had me shooketh! What would you request??

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