The Texas-born and internationally loved vodka brand Tito's wants consumers to know their vodka can't be used for hand sanitizer. The beloved Austin-based vodka brand Tito's Handmade Vodka has put out a press release to their customers regarding the use of their alcohol and the coronavirus. There has been hysteria around the coronavirus, with many stockpiling supplies in case of a sudden quarantine notice and one item that has been flying off shelves is hand sanitizer. Many stores are now sold out of the item which has led many to start googling on the internet how to make their own. There are plenty of recipes online on how to create hand sanitizer and many recipes call for the use of alcohol and for some strange reason, Tito's vodka is one of the most recommended, according to ABC7 Chicago. I guess they're taking the handmade part a little too literally. After the news of these DIY recipes found their way to Tito's they released these tweets telling people no matter what you read on the internet, it won't work:

If you really feel the need to make your own hand sanitizer, use rubbing alcohol instead, which is a lot cheaper than vodka. Plus using 91% or 99% rubbing alcohol is far more effective too.

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