What to pack in your Ice Chest for Balloon Fest 2011

1.Make sure that everything is made out of plastic ! NO GLASS! 

2.Start with the basics , water , soda pops , and snacks( fruit ,candy ,nuts, you get the picture )AND ICE!

   Beer will Not be allowed , You will be able to buy plenty of Cold Brews

3.What are you going to grill? Meat /Chicken / Burgers/ Hot Dogs ?

   Bring salt /pepper/ BBQ sauce /marinade  .Bring something to cut ,turn and flip what you are cooking ( obvious RIGHT ) People FORGET!

4.Grill... Gas grills will be allowed at Wet n Wild .. Your  Charcoal Grill needs to stay home, But you can rent one at the park !

NOW you're ready 

Tomorrow PART 2  What to cook and How !