In 1985 I was in 4th grade and just got dropped off at the movies with my best friend. Now came the hard decision of either Pee Wee's Big Adventure or Back To The Future.

I think you know which one we decided on. Everyone and their momma has seen this movie of time traveling, so I was glad the decision we made wasn't regretted. The fact that within the first moments of this majestic picture came a huge amp, a guitar and I was sold. The sweet ass DeLorean didn't hurt either. Nor, is looking at Marty's mom, Leah Thompson. I had a huge crush on her and still do. That movie literally changed the way movies I think were looked at and appreciated.

Now I personally know a few hard core "Futurists" and the genius of the gadgets that made this movie insane can be yours! You can pick up a flux-capacitor, it won't give you time traveling abilities but who do you know has one? This movie and it's other two sagas haven't got old yet but if it does, 88 miles per hour never gets old!