If you're car/truck/bike is looking a little ragged, you might be interested in one of these!

My truck AND my bike have taken to breaking down every other freaking day lately; so I started looking around for something new.  Here are a few vehicles I'm considering:

The Batmobile

THAT is pretty sweet ... talk about a chick magnet!!!!!!!  The only downside is that $644,000 price tag.  Just a tad more than I want to spend right now.

An amphibious ice cream truck.  Now this is pretty cool! (Get it? Cool??)

Being that we live in the desert though, without a lot of water ways, this is probably to much of an extravagance.  I guess I should find something a bit more practical.

A car that drives itself!  Check this out!!

That would ROCK ... you go to the bar, you have a couple of beers, your car drives you home!!  Can they still arrest you for that?  (What would the charge be; "Riding Under The Influence?? Drunk passenger-ing??)

Check it out from the inside!

I'm kinda liking that one, but shopping is kinda fun!  Let's move on ...


Yeah, yeah, yeah ... I know.  It's ugly.  But in these days of $3+ gasoline, that 1,325 mpg rating is hard to overlook.  Read more about it at tecca.com.  Looks easy enough to operate.  (Hey, if an 11 year old girl can do it, I feel pretty confident I could handle it.)


The closest thing to a motorcycle I found here.  A hoverbike.  According to tecca.com, the Hoverbike will  ... theoretically ...

reach speeds of 173 mph and a height of more than 10,000 feet, but at the moment, it's only been tested while tethered a mere three feet from the ground. That's because while Malloy is very confident in the stability of the machine, he doesn't want to risk breaking the prototype should something unplanned happen. And design and testing are going so well that Malloy hopes to have the Hoverbike into limited production within a year, and full production two years after that. The vehicle is expected to come in at a relatively affordable $40,000, comparable to a high-end motorcycle.


Way Cool, but ... as clumsy as I am ... I should stay on the ground.

Finally, the beer can car.  How perfect is this for me??


AAANNND ... it's affordable!  This little guy will only set you back $7,500 on ebay.  (That's the "buy it now" price ... at the moment, bidding on it is only a little over $2,000!)  It even has space .. and a tap .. for a full on keg!

Now, if I can get it in Coors Light colors, I may be rocking this bad boy by Christmas!

Well, I'm done!  Heading for the bank to try and get my car loan worked out.  If you still haven't found what you're looking for, check out some other cars, limos, boats and even ROCKETS at yahoo.com!

I wonder if comprehensive insurance on my new car will cover spillage.......

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