Imagine coming to work one day and then finding a baby tiger! That was exactly the case for Border Patrol Agents in Brownsville when they found a duffel bag holding a live tiger cub. On Monday, Border Patrol agents found the duffel bag that had the tiger cub after they witnessed three individuals attempting to enter the US illegally. The individuals, realizing they had been seen, abandoned the duffel bag and returned to Mexico.

Translation: "Encounter with exotic animals in the Rio Grande Valley U.S. Border Patrol agents experienced two unusual encounters during separate incidents." That other incident that agents encountered that day? An alligator on a boat ramp as they were conducting line watch operations. It certainly was a busy day for Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley.

Not much is known about who the cub was going to or where it was going. Irma Chapa, Communications Director for the Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol posted an update on Twitter about the cub saying it was expected to make a full recovery. The three to four month old cub was turned over to the Gladys Porter Zoo.


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