We're in the final week of August and Labor Day is right around the corner which means one thing, school is officially in session! Many students across Texas have either already survived their first week (or couple of weeks) of school or made it through their first day. I'm at that age where many of my friends already have children and many of them posted pictures of their children going onto their first day of school. I don't have kids, I have cats, so, on the first day of school I instead posted a picture of my cats as I left to work.

Joanna Barba- Junior & Kitty Purry

While I don't have children, I do have nephews, two who are in elementary school. We all live together so I'm not stranger to the first day of school stories as well as the extensive supplies list. I feel like that supplies list gets longer and longer every year, am I right? Anyway, with all the supplies we sent them with on the first day I was shooketh when I picked up my nephews the other day and noticed their backpacks nearly empty.  I know some of their supplies stay behind in their classroom but, still! I decided to check their backpacks and see just what exactly are these children carrying around?


  • Joanna Barba

    One Folder

    Out of all the folders we got my nephew, this is the one he decided to use for homework. Not bad, minion. (I call them minions and they're okay with it.)

  • Joanna Barba


    Yeah, we should probably get working on that...

  • Joanna Barba

    Hot Fries?

    Leave it to one of my nephews to put a snack in his backpack for safe keeping. "It's for when I wait for you to pick me up after school" he says to me... smooth move, Minion, smooth.