In middle school and school high, we all knew how we decided who our best friends were. They were the girls or guys you went to get your glossy mall photos with. Bonus points if you have more than one photo session with different friends.

Everyone called each other to coordinate outfits, hair, and even what props you thought would look best for your crew. Then you went down to the mall to the photography studio and got ready to get your glamour shots done.

According to Texas Monthly, the biggest photography franchise was Glamour Shots. During the height of the glamour shot popularity, the chain had almost 400 locations across the country. I remember the Glamour Shots at the local mall always had a wait, with small groups of girls or couples waiting outside, all in matching outfits ready for their photo session.

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This was a peak middle school or high school moment for young girls, ready with their wallet size photos to give to those lucky chosen friends who were close enough to receive the photos. Then you put all your collected photos on your binder, showing off just how cool you were by how many photos you had collected throughout the year.

This was a memory fondly remembered by many and now it looks like those photos are primed for a comeback.

While most Glamour Shots locations are now closed, there are 3 locations left in the country and one of them is right here in El Paso. According to Texas Monthly, Leonora Campbell has owned and operated Glamour Shots on the east side of El Paso for over 30 years. She still has those classic airbrushed backgrounds, but also stocks the classic glamour shot props, like feather boas, satin gloves, and more. Whatever type of glamour shot you desire Campbell is ready for it.

But now, she’s not the only photographer in town offering those classic airbrushed backgrounds. Local photographer Gaby Velasquez took their shots and other photographers are now offering the same style of photos. If you wanted to have your own photoshoot, there are online merchants who are selling those airbrushed backgrounds so you can buy your own.

So call your best gal pal, find some matching outfits, and get ready to hand out your wallet size pics to those lucky few in your friend group.

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