You don't have to be a fan of wrestling to get hooked on a docuseries that tell dark wrestling stories from the golden age. I began enjoying wrestling at a very late age. It was about 2015 when I started watching matches on television. One night I came across a trailer for Dark Side of the Ring featuring Chris Jericho that got my attention. The documentary series explains the dark story behind golden age wrestlers.

According to Vice's docuseries Dark Side of the Ring explains a wrestlers story from start to finish. The first one I saw featured Chris Benoit and telling the dark details that erased him from WWE history. Fans of Chris Benoit were taken back once the gruesome details about him killing his family were released. After the details were made public the WWE had made a decision that made Benoit's wrestling career a waste. WWE thought it would not be necessary to consider Chris Benoit in the Wrestling Hall of Fame. Whether you're a wrestling fan or not, Dark Side of the Ring is beyond interesting to binge-watch in quarantine.

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