Before it was never a problem communicating with so many people until now. But if you absolutely have to, there's a brilliant idea to keep yourself safe from Covid-19. For example, one man has contact with all sorts of customers and got smart. He is a barber and makes his living cutting hair and trimming or shaving beards for strangers. Like everyone else, he can't afford missing work so he came up with a brilliant idea to stay safe.

That brilliant idea he thought of consists of using the packaging a blanket or comforter is stored in. In order to perform his work duties he simply just cut out two holes for his arms to fit through. He even had his handy-dandy Lysol at hand to spray his hard-earned money. This barber may look silly as hell but at least he is going the smart way about staying safe from Covid-19. If you also don't want Covid-19 stopping your hustle, use this idea that the barber came up with.

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