When you have children of your own you always make plans to take them to places you visited as a child. Now there is a place specifically for little children called Jungle Jaks except parents can't hop in on the fun.

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See, if parents wanted to jump in on the fun with their kids that wouldn't be acceptable. Plus, not sure if the setup was built to hold a grown adult's weight limit.

But then there are places parents appreciate visiting because it is there where they feel appreciated back. The places parents appreciate are the spots they can act like a kid with their kids.

If you have ever wished to be a kid again just to roam through the Peter Piper climber be prepared to be a kid at heart again. There is a place you can take your kids that welcomes and even allows grown-ups to play like a kid again.

If you're planning a road trip to Austin this summer make sure to squeeze in some time to visit a massive playground. Mt. Playmore is a spot that should be on every parent's bucket list of places you wish to play like a kid with your kids.

Just refer to Mt. Playmore's YouTube video of their playground that is set up inside the facility above. You can imagine there are a lot of fun things to do inside that 3,000-square-foot space.

There is fun for the entire family, especially the small toddlers who have a special little section designated for them. Mt. Playmore is like a Dave & Buster's combined with X-Zone in one which has all sorts of activities to tire out you and the kids.

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