Saturday night the UTEP Miners battled it out against the UTSA Roadrunners in a televised game on ESPN. The City of El Paso was electric with energy and excitement for the team, which has had a pretty good football season so far. In the end, the Miners lost but the real loser for the game was the university parking lots, which were in shambles after the rowdy tailgate crowds.

When I was walking into the game, I saw some of the trash and cans that were on the floor, but I had no idea under the sea of people the amount of garbage that was left from the tailgate fans. Pictures were posted to the popular local Instagram therealfitfamelpaso of the mess that was left in the student tailgate area, and I think in most parking lots:

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The Alpha Phi Omega co-ed Fraternity decided to take matters into their own hands and got up early to start helping with the clean-up process. They posted pictures showing their members with giant trash bags cleaning up the mess. I

t's amazing to see a group of UTEP students helping and not leaving the mess for other people to pick up. Hopefully, for the next tailgate, people will clean up after themselves or maybe the tailgate needs more trash cans around.

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