A Texas bar is taking a stance on the war on Christmas by banning Mariah Carey's holiday classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Halloween is over and Christmas lovers are already putting their Christmas decorations up. Once November 1st hits, fans of the Christmas season are ready to put up their decorations and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. But not everyone is ready to see stockings, trees with ornaments, and other decorations. It's only November, and we still have another holiday to get through- Thanksgiving.

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Christmas music used to begin playing on local radio stations on December 1st but it seems year after year the music begins earlier to appease those Christmas-loving Americans. And one bar in Dallas said enough is enough, especially when it comes to this holiday classic. Twitter user Kyle Smith tweeted out a photo he saw on a jukebox in Dallas:

Seems like this bar has a serious problem with people playing Christmas music before December starts. Many fans of Mariah Carey's Christmas banger jumped to the song's defense while others joked they finally found that "war on Christmas" people keep talking about. Others questioned why only Mariah Carey's Christmas song was singled out when there are other more annoying Christmas songs out there.

No word on whether or not the bar still has the sign up, but safe to say you won't be hearing that song come up until December 1st.

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