You don't even have to be a craft beer drinker to start salivating at the thought of a tasty drink. The Amigo Beer Show is happening at Sunland Park Mall on May 4th and you can't miss the opportunity to taste 'Deez Nueces.' By 'Deez Nueces' I mean the Mazapan Imperial Cream Ale by Martin House brewing company.

Tin Man via Facebook

That beer probably has my favorite name but there are so many more you need to know about. Selena fans will appreciate the effort put into this creative craft beer name, 'Bidi Bidi Piña' by Rahr & Sons brewing company visiting El Paso from Fort Worth, Texas. You can taste what pineapple flavors have been brewed into what they would probably believe to be Selena approved craft beer.

Amigo Beer Show via Facebook

Enjoy a day out walking and shopping around Sunland Park Mall to enjoy the amazing atmosphere of people enjoying a day out surrounding by the sweet smell of hops. Plus, I swear if you go through the whole list of beers you will at least stop at one and think, "Hmmm that might actually be good." The only way to find out if it actually is good is to join us at the Amigo Beer Show on May 4th at Sunland Park Mall.

Don't forget to register for your chance to win Slayer tickets PLUS a meet & greet with Slayer. Yeah, KLAQ is making that happen but the only way to win it is to enter at the Amigo Beer Show.