When famous celebrities come to El Paso for business they usually stop at one of the three Mexican restaurants. So if you ever hear about celebrities having to film nearby, in that time frame you should visit these three restaurants.

El Paso has a variety of tasty Mexican restaurants, but the three you and the celebrities love the most are located in the Central part of town. Those three include L&J Cafe, KiKi's Mexican Restaurant, and Chico's Tacos. You're probably wondering how Chico's Tacos wound up on this list but c'mon they've been the taste that hits the spot after a night of drinking. Well, these are the restaurants that have had celebrities stop on by for a bite to eat. You can check out the list below and see what other celebrities paid a visit to our local Mexican dives.

So if you want to feel starstruck in El Paso, these Mexican restaurants are where you will possibly have a run-in with a celebrity!

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    L&J Cafe

    L&J Café has been known for having a long list of celebrities that have visited their restaurant. Celebrities such as Arnold “The Terminator” Schwarzenegger, Sam Elliot, and Faith Hill recently. This restaurant has gained popularity status over the years since it has been open. Their Mexican food definitely has us always going back for more and of course the possibility of running into someone famous!

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    KiKi's Mexican Restaurant

    KiKi’s is a very busy restaurant and has had their share of celebrities grub out on their amazing food. Everyone loves them for their chicken tacos and that is all I ever order when I visit. But a couple celebrities to name that has paid a visit are Don Haskins and Aaron Sanchez from the Food Network. Now you know KiKi’s is delicious when a celebrity chef says “You haven’t arrived in El Paso until you’ve had KiKi’s.”

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Chico's Tacos

    Chico’s Tacos have also been famous for quite some time especially after last call. One particular celebrity have even mentioned Chico’s Tacos on their show! That celebrity was Gabriel Iglesias who even joked about the after effects that Chico’s gives you. Another well-known celebrity who paid a visit and even posted his visit on his Instagram page was a famous DJ Deadmau5. There were more compliments instead of complaints from these celebrities after eating there!