If you're needing different ways to eat your Thanksgiving leftovers, these are the perfect recipes! There are some that get tired of having the same leftovers for a few days and this video will come to your leftover rescue.

Rachel Ray Show gives you a couple ways on how to use your Thanksgiving leftovers. My family has always made too much before and gave tons of plates away and STILL had a bunch of leftovers. If you're anything like my family then these recipes will come in handy for your taste buds. It gets tiring eating the same plate day after day when you have a Thanksgiving meal for lunch and dinner. These new helpful tasty recipes will change how you feel about having so many leftovers. The one I have tried from above is the Green bean casserole mixed with turkey and it scrumptious!

These are Thanksgiving leftover recipes are worth the try so your food doesn't go to waste!