So the debate rages on between Buzz and the "Corporate Overlords" about our website and our contributions to it. The general consensus is that putting content on a website is a good thing, otherwise, what's the point? Buzz continues to disagree. Ad nauseum.

Here's my humble contribution to the fun. Remember, unless you're doing one of these top five nasty jobs, it could always be worse.

  • Flickr, inkknife_2000

    Roadkill Remover

    Pretty much what it says, but I can almost hear the job interview now:
    "So, do you like animals?"
    "Why, yes."
    "That's good, you'll be working very closely with a lot of different animals. Do you mind being around traffic?"

    This is why full disclosure laws were passed.

  • Flickr, Jeremy Burgin

    Flatus Odor Judge

    Believe it or believe it not, but mouthwash and other companies pay people to smell other people's FARTS and bad breath.
    "Hey, how effective is this mouthwash we've created?"
    "I don't know, how can we find out?"
    "Let's give someone the WORST breath imaginable and test our stuff on that!"
    "Who's going to judge the bad breath? Not me"
    "Maybe we could find someone who needs a bit of cash..."

  • Flickr, shooting brooklyn

    Sewer/Port-a-Toilet Cleaner

    What could possibly be worse than your toilet getting clogged and nastiness coming back up and overflowing in the bathroom? It's the worst, right?
    Think about the poor souls who have to clean out problems in the sewer systems. It's not even their own nastiness they're having to deal with, but hundreds or thousands of complete strangers' (literal) crap!
    How many showers does it take after work before you feel you're clean enough to go out on a date? You'd have to be insanely self-conscious about how you smell, since your nose is probably long dead from enduring that nastiness every day at work.

  • Johnnie Walker

    Porn Theater Janitor

    Think about you normal trip to the movie theater. You get your tickets, stop for some drinks and a huge tub of popcorn, maybe a pickle, some nachos and candy. You enjoy your film, consuming your junk, and leave everything in the cup holder or on the floor beneath your seat. Hey, you paid how much for this stuff? The least they can do is clean up for your, right?
    Then imagine what gets left behind after watching something your mom would spank you for seeing.
    Now get a mop and a towel.

  • Ansell Latex Gloves

    Animal Mas*****tor

    Scientists have to get their goo from somewhere, right? Trying to breed bigger, stronger livestock, healthier animals? You need to study Or at least the part of it they donate to make more animals.
    There are several really nasty ways to get the stuff, including the old standby. There's not enough soap in the world to wash away that shame. And the animals keep calling you afterwards, asking when they can see you again.