Today on the Morning Show we had a discussion on weird habits people have picked up because of quarantine. We heard from a woman who stopped eating the cream in the middle of Oreo's and collects is to enjoy later.


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When Buzz asked if any of us have developed weird habits because of quarantine, I couldn't think of anything; my mind went blank. Then, I was reminded of just this past weekend and how I was in bed by 9:30 on a Saturday.

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This past weekend, my best friend came over to my house for the very first time in over a year! We hadn't hung out since my birthday last year; but now that we're both vaccinated and my entire family is as well, we thought it was the perfect moment.

Keep in mind, I hadn't actually hung out with anyone in over a year. Also, because of the lockdowns, I haven't really had a reason to dress up; in fact, since this all started, the moment I get home from work I immediately get back into pajamas.

So, here's my friend and I at my house, having some snacks, listening to music- when suddenly, my friend turns to me and says "I'm gonna go, I'm tired" to which I replied "Oh, thank goodness, I'm tired too!" It was 9 P.M.

We both were too tired to hang out past 9 P.M., in the amount of time it took her to message me that she was home, I picked up our mess, took a shower, did my six step skincare routine and got into bed in time to watch some "Golden Girls" and drift off to sleep by 10:30 P.M. on a Saturday night.

During the lockdown, I've been going to bed earlier. I know that bars are open, my favorite bar has been open for awhile now, but I choose my beauty sleep. So there's my weird habit, proclaiming I'm over this and saying "I'm tired" and going to sleep.

What weird habit have you picked up during quarantine?


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