It's been a minute ... and it might be a few more ... but, it's going to happen!

The long-awaited Vado Speedway Park, which is being being built near Vado, between El Paso and Cruces, is now scheduled to open in May. Owner Royal Jones promises lots of fun and excitement at the track, saying it will be the most state of the art track around:

"A lot of concrete, nice smooth parking lot, walkways, this whole concrete pavilion up there. Lots and lots of restrooms. You know most racetracks were built in an era where there was not ADA, there were no rules about restrooms."

It will also feature modern concession stands with TVs featuring sports games. - KTSM

The track's website currently shows races scheduled in April, while the KTSM article says the first race is in May.  April-May, I'm sure we're all good with either answer.

Just, (to coin a phrase), "build it ... and we will come!!"

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