In 180 days or less, Congress is supposed to get the lowdown on UFOs. Will they? If so, will they tell us about it? I doubt it...

When it comes to UFO's and aliens, I'm a "wannabe"-liever. Meaning that I feel it's more than possible that there are other life forms out there and have seen, read, and heard things that seem to back that up. I have no hard proof though since, neither I nor any of my friends have yet been abducted.

I really want to believe in them but, so far, the only aliens I have encountered were humanoid in appearance and came bearing tequila.

When President Trump signed the coronavirus relief bill into law, it included bills always do ... other stipulations including one demanding that US Intelligence agencies spill the beans to Congress about UFO's within 180-days. The FBI, the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, and the Office of Naval Intelligence have 6 months to tell Congress everything they know about ET and his homies. (KVIA)

The government has long been interested in UFO activity and has ordered many investigations into their existence and/or activities. One of the more recent examples,  the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, took place from 2007 - 2012. (And, apparently, is STILL in operation.) Other studies, like the USAF "Project Blue Book", go back to the '60s.

This could force, finally, "full disclosure" from the government on this particular subject. (The CIA has unexpectedly 'fessed up too...) On the other hand, some of this info could expose military secrets or other things best left unknown. Therefore, I see another, vague, "we looked really hard and still can't find any proof" sort of answer.

When and if we get an answer at all...

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