Yes, it's true, Ghost is making their way to the Sun City in November and I am so excited. Ghost has become probably my favorite band in the past two years. The cinematic presentation of their music feels like a breath of fresh air and something that I hadn't heard before. Their new album, Prequelle only heightened my love for Ghost. Really, they can do no wrong in my eyes now.

Growing up Catholic, I was always taught that the Devil does exist, and we were taught to fight against the temptation's that could be imposed on us. But we are also taught that we are only human and that sins are forgiven. Which is why if Cardinal Copia would tell me to join him and worship the devil, I wouldn't even hesitate, and then I would ask for forgiveness. Even the Nameless Ghouls make me want to confess my sins whilst clutching to my rosary.

With all this love and adoration I have for Ghost, you'd figure I would have seen them live at least once before, right? Wrong! They've come to town before and I unfortunately missed them because at the time I didn't even know who they were. I had an opportunity to see them live last summer when I went to see Iron Maiden in Albuquerque, they were the opening act. Unfortunately, we were late to the concert because someone took a long time to put on her eyelashes. I won't mention her name but... she works on the morning show with me. Anyway, suffice it to say I'm real excited to be seeing Ghost live for the first time this November. With that being said, aside from the regularly played "Rats" & "Dance Macabre," here are the five songs I really hope to hear live!

  • 1

    Square Hammer

    Really, this song & video are what made me fall in love with Ghost. This is where it all started.

  • 2

    Year Zero

    Singing this aloud makes my family want to perform an exorcism on me.

  • 3


    Can we just take a moment to appreciate this video? Also, I've tried so hard to get my nephews to dress up like that for Halloween to no avail.

  • 4

    He Is

    I would join this church if it meant getting baptized by Papa Emeritus.

  • 5

    See The Light

    I couldn't chose a favorite song from the new album! But I could easily see this one becoming the new rock power ballad!

  • 6

    Honorable Mention: It's A Sin

    Okay, I already loved this song when Pet Shop Boys did it, but hearing it from Ghost I got chills. CHIILLS.