El Paso has a bunch of pranksters that pull off these mean pranks to kids that are on the hunt for candy! These are the top 10 trick or treating pranks you need to be aware of before hitting the streets for candy.

I say El Paso has a lot of pranksters because when I was little one dude terrified me so bad I had my parents get my candy for the remainder of the night. Not only did it happen to me, but when I took my son last year, I saw a few houses try and scare some kids. If you normally go to the malls then you won't need to worry about these top 10. Rich Ferguson introduces you to the top 10 well known trick or treating pranks known to man. The famous one that EVERYONE knows about is when a bucket of candy is left with a sign.

Hopefully you don't become a victim to one of these top 10 pranks this Halloween when you go trick or treating!

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