Marilyn Manson doesn't only have music skills, he's got acting skills as well!  Since we're in the month of October, you should include these top 10 movies he was featured in.

Louder Noise got a compilation of movies that Marilyn Manson played a role in. Some of the roles he played were not as dark as his music portrays him to be. I am sure it was a piece of cake to him when he had to play those dark roles. I have seen a a couple that include Lost Highway and Jawbreaker that he was featured in. His role in Jawbreaker was almost as if he was playing his own self. But in Eastbound and Down, I totally didn't recognize Marilyn Manson since he didn't have a painted face or black hair.

If you have never seen Marilyn Manson act before, then you must check out these the top 10 roles he played.