KFOX14 Facebook QuickcastWe caught up with Arnold Schwarzenegger during his visit to the Borderland. See what he had to say about El Paso.Full video: http://cbs4local.com/news/videos/arnold-schwarzenegger-visits-lucchese-boot-factory-lj-cafe

Posted by CBS4 Local on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Arnold Schwarzenegger surprisingly was in El Paso, Texas yesterday afternoon hitting some of the local landmarks. "The Terminator" sent El Pasoans on a crazy manhunt to find him after posted a video of himself on his Snapchat inside the legendary Lucchese boot factory.

Could this mean big things for Texas and Arnold? Our own Fernando Cuevas found "The Governator" outside L&J Cafe and managed to grab a selfie with him. According to Fernie, during that selfie he spoke with Arnold about big things happening for Schwarzenegger and Texas such as him moving to Texas and running for governor!

Fernando Cuevas
Fernando Cuevas

Wait no...


Fernie must have been drunk on Doritos and Dr. Pepper and misheard that but the only big collaboration between Texas and Arnold is going to be the big pair of boots that will be made for him at the Lucchese Factory.

Local news station CBS4 Local also caught up with Mr. Schwarzenegger and asked him what he loved about El Paso and his answer was pretty awesome. As you heard in the video above Arnold loves the area, the food and needs to go workout after eating so much food. We can only hope Arnold is looking to live in the Sun City and starts bringing his other famous friends around. Only thing missing is Arnold didn't go to Chico's Tacos. Get to the CHICOS!

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