Believe it or not, we've got a story here about a guy who met a stranger on the Internet, went to meet her, and it turned out horribly.  Crazy, right?

An unnamed 18-year-old from Phoenix, Arizona met 22-year-old Rebecca Chandler of Milwaukee, WI, over the internet. Eventually they decided to meet up and have sex. So last week, the guy took a bus from Phoenix to Milwaukee to meet her.  That's about 1,800 miles. On a bus.

When he got there, she and her friend, 20-year-old Raven Larrabee, offered to have a threesome with him. Well, alright! Except when your the unwitting sacrifice in an amateur SATANIC SEX RITUAL! Rebecca and Raven tied the guy up and had sex with him, then stabbed him.  Over and over and over.  When the cops finally found him two days later, he had approximately 300 shallow stab wounds. But he is alive.



During a search of the apartment, police found several satanic books, including one called "The Necromantic Ritual Book".

The two women were arrested on suspicion of reckless injury, but haven't been charged yet.  The man is recovering in the hospital.


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