I bet the people who weren’t able to catch the game aren’t feeling so bad after all. There were also some who were upset they weren’t hungover at work today. I had wanted to catch the game but ended up just missing it due to my lack of excitement. I guess it was a sign when I was not that bummed for missing out on the Super Bowl. Apparently, from the looks of it, I didn’t miss out on much. Your comments about this year’s Super Bowl said a lot about the game. There was so much stuff being said that started way before the game ever did. One meme that had me cracking up was the one predicting the Patriots would win and spare your time. Normally, a lot of people look forward to the Super Bowl for the food, fun, and drinks! But one person on Reddit.com called out the Super Bowl in a passive-aggressive way in my opinion. The person basically asked every Reddit user if they woke up with a hangover this morning. Another person that cared about that statement also seemed unhappy about the outcome of his non-existing hangover. So if you didn’t catch a hangover this morning or you did place your vote down below.