March 31st is the 24th anniversary of Tejano singer legend Selena's death. Selena Quintanilla for all of you who may not have heard of her. But, growing up in Texas, and especially as a young Latina, we KNEW who she was. She was on the brink of cross-over stardom when her life was cut short at 23 when her fan club manager Yolanda Saldivar shot her.

I know, it's awful. It's a shot heard round the world. Her death was compared to those like Elvis and JFK. It was the day that the woman deemed the "Mexican Madonna" lost her life, but her legacy was just starting. Vigils were held all over the world and her influence is something that can still be seen in many artists today.

Many artists have taken on the tough challenge of covering her music. Not many succeed (looking at you Play-N-Skillz & Leslie Grace) but every now and then comes one so amazing that it gives you goosebumps! I present to you San Antonio natives "Girl in a Coma." Formed by sisters Nina and Phanie Diaz, and friend Jenn Alva, the indie band went on to record an album called "Adventures in Coverland" in 2010 that featured covers of lots of great songs that includes Selena's "Si Una Vez." Let's give you a refresher of how Selena sings it:

It's one of my favorite songs! The passion, the anger, the hurt you can feel it all! You can also feel in in this cover by Girl in a Coma. Enjoy!


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