If you're a Selena fan then you know who Big Bertha is!

Big Bertha was the tour bus that took Selena Y Los Dinos around the country- also the bus that caused that infamous "anything for Selenas" scene in the movie!

Big Bertha was the start of Selena, and was probably her home away from home as she toured and made a name for herself as the Queen of Tejano music.

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But whatever happened to Big Bertha? Surely she must still be out there somewhere, right? If you have paid a visit to the Selena Museum in Corpus Christi, many have noticed that there is indeed a tour bus out in the lot. But is is that Big Bertha?

Well many speculate that it is Big Bertha, so much so that Selena's own brother, A.B. Quintanilla III had to make a (devastating) statement, check it out below.

A.B. clarified that Big Bertha was replaced by a newer model- typical. Which probably means, Big Bertha is probably still out there; or at least parts of her are still out there!

The news disillusioned many who were hoping to get a glance at Big Bertha when visiting the museum.

No, don't break our illusion

One commenter wrote. Sadly, I couldn't find out what became of Big Bertha.

But followers of A.B. are constantly treated to fun facts like this one, and some personal stories of Selena like this one.

As for Big Bertha ripping off a bumper of someone's car? Abraham says that is really is true!

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