During Wrestlemania, many fans were confused to see the next PPV being advertised wasn't "Backlash," which is typically after Mania. Here's the reason why. WWE fans are familiar with the schedule of the corporation's pay-per-view for the year, and many assumed the network would be advertising for the "Backlash" pay-per-view Instead, WWE's "Money In The Bank" was the next advertised pay-per-view. Many fans were confused since the "Backlash" pay-per-view was set to take place June 16 in San Diego, CA. According to SoCal Uncensored, the reason behind the lack of promotion was due to the fact that it was canceled. The WWE scheduled an event over in Saudi Arabia around the same time on June 7th. Having two pay-per-views only nine days apart wouldn't have been a good idea for their performers, not to mention the name of the second pay-per-view. The controversy around the country of Saudi Arabia and WWE's affiliation with them certainly could lead to even more......backlash. Which probably also had something to do with the cancelation.

Currently, the WWE is still working on the exact dates and locations of their next pay-per-views and house shows for the month of June and none are official until they are announced. Guess we'll have to wait and see if San Diego will be getting their pay-per-view and when our area will be seeing a show as well. Judging by the WWE's routing, an El Paso house show would also be falling into that same June time frame, Fingers crossed we do get one!

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