"Don't California My Texas" is on banners, on stickers, and it's even a country song. While I understand the intent of the message, it's inherently flawed, counterproductive and really just wildly inaccurate.

Are Californians Coming to Texas?

Well, yes, they are. 1 in 10 people who move to Texas are Californians. However, we should note that California is the most populous state so that will effect that number. The sheer number of Californians seems to be the cause of concern for the "Californication" of Texas, but I feel this is deeply misguided, because we should consider their motives and intentions with their move first.

Why Are They Moving Here? 

Are Californians moving to Texas to change our culture and way of life? Of course not. Nobody moves thousands of miles to start a political kerfuffle. If people are not moving to be close to family, they move because of money, of course. Californians are moving to Texas for cheaper real estate, while maintaining a good rate of pay for the jobs they are qualified for. That last part is really key. Californians are not moving to small town Texas, they are almost exclusively moving to Dallas, Houston and Austin for high paying jobs.

You want to be able to get the job, make the income you’re aspiring to, and afford the lifestyle that you’ve been wanting to achieve. The big metropolitan areas of Texas are offering that package about as well as any place in the United States today.


How Will They Change Texas?

They won't. As stated above, Californians are moving to already "blue" areas of our state. But here's the real kicker- many of those Californians are as red as any native born Texan. My grandmother lives in L.A. county. She is extremely conservative, voted for Trump, and espouses the virtues of the GOP to anyone who will listen. If she didn't have a beautiful, fully paid-off home in a great neighborhood, I suspect she would have moved to Texas long ago. Anyone who thinks Californians are going to "California" Texas has never been to the many more conservative areas of the state. I have. You'd be surprised how many areas are Texas with orange trees, so to speak.

Let's Logic, Y'all

Also, using a little bit of logic here, let's consider what it would be like to move to a state you completely disagree with politically. It would be rather unpleasant, right? You're trying to make new friends, settle your children, perhaps, and live a good life. Your main focus is almost certainly on you and your family, not, as the song says, whether or not bathrooms are gendered or not.

Aren't We Famously Friendly?

Don't be crappy to someone just because they might still have a California license or plates. You don't know a single thing about them except that they just moved and are trying to navigate a new place. If we want them to be like us, shouldn't we treat them like a friend we just haven't met yet?

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