Happy Fourth of July! While many are out celebrating with barbecue's and enjoying a day in the sun, my favorite thing to do is stay inside where it's nicely air conditioned and watch movies. Of course, I don't just watch just any movies, I watch patriotic movies! My favorite movie to watch? Independence Day! That movie should be required viewing on Fourth of July! That movie came out in 1996 and I didn't go see it in theaters but I clearly remember watching it on TV. It was 1997 and it was fourth of July, we had the family over and towards the end of the day everyone was in the living room talking and eating and Independence Day was on. It's 1997 so I'm like eight years old and no lie, I actually thought Bill Pullman was THE PRESIDENT! Also, Bill Pullman as President awakened something in me, he's a beautiful man.

Anyway, in honor of fourth of July and these turbulent times we live in, I think President Whitmore's speech is perfect. Sure, we're not being attacked by aliens, but I still think it applies here.