Friday night should consist of a scary movie like this one! This movie is based on a true story which actually makes it scarier.

The Possession may scare you away from ever buying something at a yard or garage sale. It scared me from buying things at thrift stores and garage sales. In the movie, a young girl finds this wooden box that is called a dibbuk box and takes it home. Little does she or her family know that the dibbuk box is haunted by a dybbuk. A dybbuk in Jewish mythology is said to be a dislocated soul of a dead person. The ending of this movie will have your jaw drop to the floor. One part that will make you cringe is when the daughter stabs her own father's hand with a fork! Make sure you're not holding the bowl of popcorn while you're watching this. This movie is already out but can see the trailer above from Movie Clips Coming Soon.

If you decide to watch this with the lights off, make sure you have a blanket near to cover your eyes!

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